Supersize Your Morning With These Giant Pancakes

Jell-O shots have just grown up and are no longer the simple fare that’s popped into plastic shot glasses and served on a tray. Your casino themed party just got so much better and these great little shots can now be served in a variety of ways to enhance any theme. From dark chocolate cups that are cracked into pieces to squared Jell-O cubes decorated to look like dice, there are so many sophisticated ways to serve these fun shots. You can use your imagination and stack different colour shots on top of each other to represent chips, or you can pour the liquid into spade, club, diamond or hearts moulds to create a playing card table topper that’s completely edible- and alcoholic!

Jackpot Jell-O shots are perfect for throwing a party with a casino theme and the variety of colours available makes it easy to recreate a green, red and black colour scheme that resembles roulette tables and playing cards.

If you want some inspiration and are looking for ideas for your casino themed party you can Play here! Alternatively, get started with this fun and easy recipe:

Cook Time: 1 minute
Prep Time: 15 minutes

Looking for a refreshing addition to your delicious summer meal? Sip on this yummy ginger cocktail, created with vodka and lemon!

Sleepy Time Julep

Combine Jasmine-infused Irish whiskey with mint, lemon and simple syrup for a delicious cocktail that is sure to warm you up!

Mango Margarita Popsicles Recipe

Chill out with this whimsical spin on a classic south-of-the-border cocktail. Fresh mango adds a touch of tropical sweetness to these salty-sour margarita boozesicles.

Cook Time: N/A
Prep Time: 5 minutes (+ 4 hours freeze time)
Negroni Cocktail Recipe

The Negroni cocktail is a classic Italian apéritif that is perfect before any Italian meal.

Cook Time: N/A
Prep Time: 3 min
Sazerac Cocktail Recipe

This historical New Orleans Sazerac cocktail uses Rye Whiskey, Absinthe, and Peychaud's Bitters with a flaming lemon twist.

Cook Time: N/A
Prep Time: 3 min
Susan Feniger's Elderflower Sangria Recipe

Refreshing and beautiful sangria made with a spin. Celebrity Chef, Susan Feniger, mixes up this classic cocktail by using the unexpected: elderflowers and St. Germain, the esteemed French elderflower liqueur.

Cook Time: 35 min
Prep Time: 10 min
Dandelion Wine

This stunning light wine, from urban foragers at SPURSE, takes advantage of both foraged dandelions and the wild yeast needed for fermentation.

Cook Time: 30 mins (plus at least one month for fermentation)
Prep Time: 2 hours (includes harvesting and plucking dandelion blooms)
Top Cat Amaro Cocktail

This refreshing cocktail recipe from Tad Carducci of the famed mixology duo, The Tippling Brothers, uses Averna, a storied Italian Amaro bitter aperitif. Delicious for brunch.

Cook Time: n/a
Prep Time: 2 mins
The Vertigo

For the Vertigo cocktail, the complex, full-bodied, bittersweet finish takes libation to new heights with Averna, an Italian Amaro bitters aperitif.

Cook Time: n/a
Prep Time: 1 min